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Indian State Terrirism in Kashmir

Posted on: 22 August 2019

Under leader ship of Modi India is turning racist and extreme aginst mainly against Muslims and other non hindu minorities such as Christian and Sikhs.

In 2002 in Indian Gujrat where Narindra Modi was chief minister police in large numbers was present in the streets when Hindu Mob went on a rampage of burning building and killing Muslims. Burning people alive and raping Muslim women as police stood by. The wold stood silent while all this unfolded 

This could be happening in Kashmir right now. There are unconfirmed reports that an army of RSS trained thugs have been sent to kashmir. RSS is a Hindu Nationalist Paramilitary organisation, A military wing of BJP, Modis political party. Narindra Modi;s govenment is set to commit genocide in Kashmir once again and world is silent. 

It is imperitive that British Government take action play a roll in preventing the extremist and mob violence agins Muslims in Kashmir and India orchastreated agains Muslims.

We call upon our Mp Rt Hon Peter Bone to raise this issue in the parliament.

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