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Funeral Services

Funeral prayer services (Janāzah) are held at the mosque. We conduct the preparation of bodies for funerals/burials and the coffin in partnership with Al Aqsa Funeral Service of Northampton. The mosque ensures that the service aspect of a funeral is carried out as best as possible before the departed is taken to the graveyard.

We are working on providing the following:

  • Full catering services.
  • Sitting halls (separate for men & women)
  • Very reasonable charges
  • Round the clock 24 hour reliable service

Our funeral services will include all below:

  • Taking body from home or hospital to funeral services
  • Getting cause of death/disease-free certificate from GP or hospital
  • Getting death certificate from the registration office
  • Obtaining coroner’s report for sending bodies abroad
  • Transportation from home to mortuary, cemetery or airport
  • Assisting in travel arrangements


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